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NAT Traversal Library

Happytime P2PLib Library

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Happytime PPLib is a NAT Traversal and private network (LAN) access library. It can access to a private network of computers and network equipment from another private network or public network. The advantage is no need to configure port mapping on the router, without having to deploy Dynamic DNS (DDNS). Happytime PPLib is a cross-platform protocol-independent communication framework designed to simplify the task of building peer-to-peer and client-server applications and middleware components.

High NAT Traversal rate
Support cross-platform porting
A simple and straightforward API interface
Provide free client source code
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Penetration and adaptation

NAT traversal technology is completely transparent, no need to configure port mapping on the router, no deployment of dynamic domain name (DDNS)
Can penetrate the all cone NAT; can penetrate the "Linux kernel native NAT" and other non-standard NAT, transmittance up to 95%
Supports the use of private network communication directly between the same private network communication nodes inside

Performance and reliability

Based on independent research and development of "reliable UDP" transport protocol to support retransmission packet loss, accidental disconnection can automatically reconnect; superior transmission performance, bandwidth utilization can reach more than 90%, comparable with the transmission performance of TCP. Traffic congestion control algorithm independent, maintaining the stability and smooth flow of transport.
Supports the creation of multiple instances of P2P nodes in the same application, each P2P node instance occupies a UDP port, to better adapt to modular programming

How to use the NAT Traversal Library

1.Use PPLib SDK Development Library
If you are a software developer, you want your P2P software have the ability to access their own private network, but do not want to spend time learning P2P program, then this way just for you. PP Library provides a simple and straightforward API interface, is very easy to call.

2.Use PPLib source code for secondary development
This is the depth of the use of PPLib approach. If you are a software developer, you need to be more flexible use of P2P penetration function, or you need a higher operating efficiency, using the source code to secondary develop, to make your software or the device itself have the best access to the private network capability.

What are the PPLib supported operating systems?

Windows XP/2003/VISTA/WIN7/2008/WIN8
Embedded Linux (ARM / MIPS hardware architecture, the compiler must provide ToolChain for porting)

Exchange data in heterogeneous environments

With Happytime PPLIb you can quickly implement an application for cross-platform messaging.
You can send commands or data to other processes and receive replies, transfer data across multiple processes and systems, etc.