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Happytime rtsp pusher

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Happytime RTSP pusher is an rtsp streaming push program that supports RTP OVER UDP, RTP OVER TCP, RTP OVER RTSP three push modes, supports RTSP/RTMP/HTTP MJPEG media streams, supports streaming screen, camera, local audio and video files, video payload format supports MPEG4, MJPEG, H264 and H265 The audio load format supports G711, G722, G726, OPUS, AAC. The audio and video parameters pushed can be set through configuration files, such as video resolution, frame rate, audio sampling rate, number of channels, etc., to support simultaneous push of multiple streams. Stable flow, low resource consumption. Support multi-platform, support windows, linux, macos, etc., support cross-compilation, support embedded development, provide live stream stub processing class, embedded developers only need to implement several functions simply Can migrate very quickly to meet project needs.

Happytime rtsp pusher for Android

Supports RTSP/RTMP/HTTP MJPEG media streams
Supports streaming screen, camera, rtsp url, http mjpeg url, media files
Support MPEG4, MJPEG, H264, H265 video formats
Support G711, G722, G726, OPUS, AAC audio formats
Support RTP OVER UDP, RTP OVER TCP, RTP OVER RTSP three push modes
Supports simultaneous push of multiple streams, up to 100 streams simultaneously
Support a variety of audio and video files

Key features

Support a variety of audio and video files
Support push video from camera and living screen
Support push audio from audio device
Support RTSP, RTMP and HTTP MJPEG stream as input
Support for configuring audio and video output parameters
Small size, suitable for embedded development
Code structure clear, easy to use

Function chart

Support cross-platform compile

Support for windows platform
Support for linux/unix platform
Support for android platform
Support for embedded platforms
Support for IOS/Mac platforms
Can be easily ported to other platforms

Handy, portable command line application

Since it is portable, this program does not require you to install it on your computer, it does not tamper with any Windows registry entry, nor does it create any additional files or folders on your PC. It can be accessed by running the executable directly.
It does not come with a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which might disconcert some users. However, its core function is quite straightforward and its lack of interactive controls makes it easy even for novices to benefit from its capabilities.

The demo version limitations

Maximum support two simultaneous pusher streams