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Happytime Onvif Server is a Network Video Transmitters (NVT) devices simulation program. Full support ONVIF specification, compatible with ONVIF Profile S, ONVIF Profile T, ONVIF Profile G, ONVIF Profile M, ONVIF Profile C, ONVIF Profile Q and ONVIF Profile A, implements IP Configuration, Device Discovery, Device management Service, Media Service, Media 2 Service, OSD Setting, Image Setting, PTZ Management, PTZ Motion Control, Recording control, Recording search, Recording replay, Video analytics, Event Polling, Event Notification, Access Control, Door Control, Device IO, Credential, Access Rules, Thermal, Schedule and Receiver services. Happytime onvif server supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS, Android and embedded platforms, etc., supporting cross-compilation. Happytime onvif server target file size is small, the core target file is only about 300K, which is very suitable for embedded development, provide ONVIF-compliant SDK interface, stable and reliable operation.

Full support for the ONVIF specification
Support cross-platform compilation
Does not use the gsoap generate code
Does not depend on any third-party libraries
The compiled object file is small in size and suitable for embedded development.
ONVIF interface compatibility is tested by the ONVIF official test tool

Full support ONVIF specification

The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is a global and open industry forum with the goal to facilitate the development and use of a global open standard for the interface of physical IP-based security products.
Happytime Onvif Server covers the following ONVIF services:
Device discovery
Device management
Media service
Media 2 service
OSD configuration
PTZ management
PTZ Motion Control
Image Setting
Recording Control
Recording search
Recording replay
Video Analytics
Event Polling
Event Notification
Support HTTPS
Support ONVIF Access Control service
Support ONVIF Door Control service
Support ONVIF Device IO service
Support ONVIF thermal service
Support ONVIF Credential service
Support ONVIF Access Rules service
Support ONVIF Schedule service
Support ONVIF Receiver service
Support ONVIF Provisioning service

Compatible with all ONVIF PROFILE

Compatible with ONVIF Profile S
Compatible with ONVIF Profile T
Compatible with ONVIF Profile G
Compatible with ONVIF Profile C
Compatible with ONVIF Profile Q
Compatible with ONVIF Profile A
Compatible with ONVIF Profile M

ONVIF features

The onvif server supports the onvif features listed in the following table:

Security WS-Username Token
Discovery BYE Message
Types tds:Device
dn:Network Video Transmitter
Device Service Capabilities GetCapabilities
Network Zero Configuration
Dynamic DNS
IP Filter
System System Logging
HTTP System Logging
HTTP Firmware Upgrade
HTTP Support Information
HTTP System Backup
Security Default Access Policy
Maximum Users
Remote User Handling
Maximum Username Length
Maximum Password Length
I/O Relay outputs
Event Service WS Basic Notification
Message Content Filter ONVIF Message Content Filter Dialect
Get Service Capabilities MaxPullPoints capability
Pull-Point Notification
Media Service Video JPEG
Audio G.711
Audio Output G.711
Real-time Streaming RTP/UDP
Snapshot URI
Media2 Service Video H.265
Audio G.711
Audio outputs G.711
Real-time Streaming RTP/UDP
RTSP WebSocket
Snapshot URI
Video Source Mode
Media2 Events Media/ProfileChanged
PTZ Service Absolute move Pan/Tilt movement
Zoom movement
Relative move Pan/Tilt movement
Zoom movement
Continuous move Pan/Tilt movement
Zoom movement
Home position Configuration
Auxiliary operations
Speed Speed for Pan/Tilt
Speed for Zoom
Move Status
Status Position
Get Compatible Configurations
Device IO Service Relay outputs Bistable Mode
MonoStable Mode
Digital Inputs Digital Input Options
Imaging Service IrCutfilter Configuration
Tampering Events Image Too Blurry
Image Too Dark
Image Too Bright
Global Scene Change
Motion Alarm
Focus Control
Analytics Service Rule Engine Rule Options
Motion Region Detector Rule
Analytics Modules Analytics Module Options
Recording Control Service Dynamic Recordings
Dynamic Tracks
Audio Recording
Recording Options
Metadata Recording
Encoding JPEG
Recording Search Service Metadata Search
PTZ Position Search
Door Control Service Door Entity Access Door
Lock Door
Double Lock Door
Block Door
Lock Down Door
Lock Open Door
Door Monitor
Double Lock Monitor
Access Point Management
Area Management
Access Control Events
Replay Service RTP/RTSP/TCP
Receiver Service
Credential Service Credential Validity
Credential Access Profile Validity
Reset Antipassback Violation
Client Supplied Token
Validity Supports Time Value
Access Rules Service Multiple Schedules Access Point
Client Supplied Token
Schedule Service
Thermal Service

ONVIF Service version

The onvif server implements the following ONVIF service:

ONVIF Service Prefix Url version
device tds 20.06
event tev 20.06
media trt 20.06
media 2 tr2 20.06
ptz tptz 18.12
image timg 19.06
analytics tan 20.06
recording control trc 19.06
search tse 18.12
replay trp 18.06
access control tac 20.06
door control tdc 19.12
device IO tmd 19.12
thermal tth 17.06
credential tcr 19.12
access rules tar 19.06
schedule tsc 18.12
receiver trv 18.12
provisioning tpv 18.12

Modify RTSP stream address

If the value of <stream_uri> in the <profile> tag in the onvif server configuration file is not modified, the RTSP stream address provided by the onvif server by default is rtsp://ip/test.mp4, and the user can modify the <stream_uri> in <profile> tag to specify the rtsp stream address provided by the onvif server. such as:


Support for multiple platforms

Happytime ONVIF server source code is written in C language
Support Windows platform
Support Linux / UNIX platform
Support Android platform
Support for iOS / MAC platform
Support for embedded platforms

Does not depend on any third-party libraries

Happytime ONVIF server source code does not depend on any third party libraries
Built-in xml parser source code
Built-in http server source code
Built-in http client source code
Built-in soap parser source code
Clear and concise code framework

Compile target file is small

The core target file size is about 300K
It can disable not support function modules by compiler macros to crop the target file size
Small memory usage
Ideal for embedded development

What is the difference between the onvif server and the multi onvif server?

The multi onvif server can simulate many onvif devices, the onvif server only simulate one onvif device. The multi onvif server also can simulate one onvif device. If you are running multiple instances of Onvif server on one device, this will result in port conflicts, the multi onvif server is to solve this problem.